Our love of creativity is the stuff stories are made of.
Welcome to Kohne Camera + The Print Refinery®.

Kohne Camera & Photo is the only full service camera store and professional photographic print lab in northwest Ohio.


It is our vision to be the visual communications business that provides the highest quality products available combined with timely delivery, credibility and friendly, personalized service in an environment that promotes growth both personally and professionally.


We will achieve and maintain our reputation by successfully establishing, enforcing, and turning into habit our company procedures, policies and attitudes by regular training and instruction such that the company can operate effectively regardless of the personnel present.


What makes The Print Refinery® at Kohne Camera special is that we are part of a vibrant, local community that we love to support and connect with.  Every customer or project that walks through our door is an opportunity to collaborate on a personal level.  We are creative storytellers and educators, design experts and artistic consultants, and we have a knack for bringing your ideas to life.